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Our diverse areas of expertise are designed to fit the changing needs of your project



We specialize in turnkey solutions, ensuring that every aspect of your project is taken care of. Our team transforms spaces to create better living and working environments, in line with your business objectives whilst bringing your brand to life. All this is achieved whilst maintaining a commitment to sustainability, creating spaces that are kind to the planet.



With us, you can rest assured that every detail is taken care of, from start to finish. Our turnkey approach means that we handle everything, leaving you free to focus on running your business. We strive to create spaces that inspire and improve employee performance, leading to increased productivity and a better quality of life.


Our team is passionate about delivering personalized designs that meet your unique vision and requirements. We take pride in creating spaces that not only look great but also serve a purpose, giving your business a competitive edge. 


Our strategic consultancy service analyses how your business needs can be met within your space, based on innovation in design, best practices, sustainability requirements, new technology and what best inspires and supports people.



With every project, your local team undertakes a holistic design process rooted in sector research, data-driven market insights and project-specific factors to define the optimal, tailored space for your company and its ambitions. Our goal is to tangibly improve your workspace, assets and business operations, drawing on the global expertise we enjoy as part of an international company with 7 countries.

Working with VRT Construction, you’ll always receive:


Analysis of your unique requirements, culture and ways of working


Space planning

Workplace standards

Feasibility studies and technical audits to assess your current and/or future workspace needs



Our Design Studio comprises a team of multinational, world-class designers who excel in investigating, creating and implementing solutions that cater to unique business needs. We take immense pride in delivering iconic environments that align with our clients' ambitions while remaining rooted in the local culture, making a positive contribution to the world.

Our services include:

- Strategic Design Analysis: We create aesthetic, functional and technological project requirements to establish comprehensive project guidelines.

- Space Planning: We develop a functional layout, including determining the optimal number of occupants, zoning, and circulation flows.

- Concept Design: Our team creates the inspiration behind the project, including look and feel, finishes, colours and lighting.

- Detail Design: We refine the design and create plans, estimates and build specifications, and include technical drawings.

- Fast & Flexible Design: We leverage Building Information Modelling (BIM), an intelligent 3D model-based process, managed by dedicated BIM Managers who ensure seamless team collaboration. This assures you, our clients, are kept informed throughout every stage of the project.




At our company, we specialize in translating interior designs into functional, built environments. Our project managers are involved in your project from the outset, ensuring that as soon as you approve the final design, we can immediately begin turning your vision into reality. 


Our project management team oversees every step of the build process, following regulations carefully and coordinating with our design team to ensure any necessary adjustments are made in real-time, resulting in a finished product that meets both your expectations and our own exacting standards.

When working with us, you'll always receive the following:


- Quality, Transparency, and Consistency: We prioritize delivering high-quality work and full transparency, ensuring you know exactly what's happening at every stage of the project.

- A Single Point of Contact Coordinating All Resources: You will have a dedicated project manager who will coordinate all resources and manage the entire project with a single point of contact for streamlined communication.

- A Fully Integrated Design and Build Service: Our teams work seamlessly together, ensuring that the design and build processes are fully integrated, with every detail accounted for from start to finish.


We take great pride in our work and are committed to delivering projects that meet your unique needs while consistently providing quality, transparency, and consistency. Partnering with us means having a reliable, dedicated team working tirelessly to execute your vision and transform it into a space that inspires and excites.



Our Furniture Solutions and FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) teams are dedicated to bringing your space to life through colours, textures, fragrances and sound management. We understand that furniture plays a vital role in enhancing comfort, tranquillity, and inspiration, making it essential to get right. 


Our teams work closely with our designers, ensuring that every detail is taken into account, making sure your vision is brought to life. Our Furniture Solutions and FF&E teams cater to office spaces and hospitality, so no matter your requirements, you can be sure they'll have the right expertise to handle your project. 

We provide a comprehensive range of furniture options, including stylish and functional office furniture, beautiful guest room designs, and fully furnished common areas for communal space. We ensure that every piece of furniture selected is of the highest quality and meets both your design and functional requirements.


Our goal is to deliver furniture solutions that enhance your space's aesthetic appeal while improving its functionality and overall comfort level. We strive to provide you with furniture that not only looks beautiful but also performs exceptionally well over time.


Partnering with us means having access to our team's vast knowledge and expertise, ensuring your furniture requirements are managed seamlessly from start to finish. You can trust us to provide you with furniture solutions that exceed your expectations and bring your project to life.



If you're looking for professional construction workers for your construction company in Europe, look no further. We offer rental services for skilled and experienced construction workers, helping you meet your workforce requirements in a cost-effective and efficient manner.


Our workers are highly trained professionals, experienced in various construction projects and with a strong commitment to quality, safety and compliance. Our team is specialized in recruiting and providing construction workers based on your specific needs and requirements, ensuring that we deliver the right people for the job.



Our rental service offers various advantages that include flexibility in workforce and budget, no need for recruitment and training, and a reliable team of professionals that can manage your projects efficiently. We ensure that all of our workers hold the required certifications and qualifications, are fully insured and legally compliant, giving you peace of mind that your projects will be completed safely, efficiently and on-time.


We understand the importance of having a skilled and competent workforce in the construction industry. That is why we strive to provide reliable, experienced and highly trained workers to meet your unique needs. Our rental service is designed to help you reduce recruitment costs, improve efficiency and maintain quality while focusing on your core business activities.


Partner with us to rent a professional construction worker and ensure that your construction projects are completed on-time, on budget, and to the highest standards of quality and safety.

“You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.” 


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