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What are the Different Types of Fit-Outs?

When it comes to commercial fit-outs, it is essential to choose the category that best fits your unique business needs. There are three primary categories of commercial fit-outs: Category A, Category B, and Shell-Core fit-outs. Each category entails a different level of customization and complexity, so it's vital to understand the features of each one to make an informed decision for your commercial space.

Category A fit-outs refer to a basic level of customization. They typically include features such as basic lighting and air conditioning, suspended ceilings, and walls that are painted or otherwise finished. Such fit-outs are usually aimed at landlords and developers who want to attract new tenants to a commercial space.

Category B fit-outs entail a higher level of customization tailored to the specific needs of the tenant. These fit-outs include features such as partition walls, floors, lighting, and power and data infrastructure. Category B fit-outs usually have a more significant level of fine-tuning to meet the tenant's specific needs.

Finally, there are Shell-Core fit-outs, which are the most comprehensive fit-outs usually done during the construction phase of a building. Such fit-outs consist of bare walls, unfinished floors, and exposed services awaiting the tenant to customize their space.

By understanding the distinguishing features of each category, you can make an informed decision to choose the fit-out category that best suits your commercial space needs, ensuring you get the most value for money.

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